ereutophobie traitement : L’anxiété est si forte que je n’ai pas envie de dormir:

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L’éreutophobie, ou la peur de rougir, est englobée dans de perdre du poids sociales qui rassemblent tous les peurs d’être cédé ou humilié en public. En réaction à celle-ci, certains guerir ereutophobie vont être secoué, marmotter, exsuder, tandis que d’autres rougissent. Bien souvent, plusieurs de ces symptômes se côtoieront chez une même personne.

Éreutophobie Témoignage

C’est la finition de l’embarras, éreutophobie sympathectomie de surprise, de méchanceté, ou Sanguins de vergogne. Cependant, pour certains, il n’y a aucune raison précise pour que cela se produise. Ce tourmente pitoyablement qu’on ne peut prévoir est nommé éreutophobie. La transe du rougissement s’appelle l’éreutophobie. Parce que le rougissement du visage peut être complètement présent ( selon la couleur naturelle de l’épiderme ), une personne qui est en société épouvanté peut se connecter avec le choix d’attention embarrassante et donc il reste une part de leur inquiétude.

 I was doing fine for a couple of months during this mess of a year, but ever since August hit I've increasingly become more miserable being so on edge all the time. Therapy was helping back before social distancing measures were taken (which I'm not blaming at all, I know it's necessary), but now I only have a short Zoom session maybe every month if I'm lucky.

 I also haven't been to a primary care doctor in over a year because I lost my health insurance after switching jobs, making me have to go through tribal benefits that closed their doors to new patients until this month. I'm supposed to have a new patient Google Duo session with a tribal healthcare doctor this Wednesday but it feels pointless to sit in front of my phone just listing off how I'm feeling. 

The most recent issue I've been struggling with is my sleeping. I don't know if any of you have sleep disorders that are worsened by anxiety, but I have really bad hypnagogia almost nightly. I've started keeping a log of all the weird shit I see at night, just to see how frequent I have them, but it averages out to 2 a night. Last night I saw a typewriter on my floor going by itself like someone invisible was slamming their fingers into the keys angrily. Once I wake up in the mornings I feel like someone beat the hell out of me with a crowbar, I even chipped the back of one of my teeth grinding them so hard one night. 

 This is also impacting my partner a lot, he also has bad anxiety but better access to treatment through the VA right now. I often wake him up during these things trying to fight something away that isn't really there, or talking in my sleep. It's also made me behave more erratic during the day, because I feel so sleep deprived despite getting 6+ hours. I don't really know what to do at this point, but I wanted to put this all out there to people who might understand where I'm coming from during this insane year.
ereutophobie traitement : L’anxiété est si forte que je n’ai pas envie de dormir:
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